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Have your cake

We have a certain someone’s 2nd Birthday coming up in a few weeks. My April Fool’s Baby is in need of a celebratory confection, so I have been perusing the net in search of ideas. In our house, we are only trying to celebrate every other-or-so Birthday’s, skipping a few years between big bashes. Tallis is easy, as her special day is way off in April, on the other side of the calender from the stacked August babies, Araiya and Pia, as well as my own. It is simply unrealistic to plan and execute three awesome parties within two weeks of one another. That is a lot of unrealistic pressure to put on myself and I want to ensure each girl gets her own special day. The easiest solution seems to be the every-other-year plan. The first Birthday is a biggie, can’t skimp there. However, I am not going to pressure myself by the obligation of once again baking and decorating 50 cupcakes like I did for Tallis’ last celebration. The every-other idea is noble in concept, but I may have to right away exempt myself this year from it’s perceived benefits of taking pressure off planning big parties as we have already gotten off track. Especially since poor Araiya didn’t get much of a party last year because Pia had just been born and this year lands Araiya’s Fourth and Pia’s Big #1. Araiya constantly reminds me that I owe her, and we can’t skip out on Pia’s (or at least don’t want to). So we will wait to party it up until summer and we will be having a small, family celebration for Tallis. Speaking of unrealistic, Araiya tells me Tallis wants Pink and Blue Balloons, Pink Cupcakes with Flowers, a Jump House in the living room and then names off every single person we know as the invite list. Mom has drawn the line and this year won’t be that extensive. But of course there still needs to be a cake!

The beauty of a small, family party is we don’t need to go all out, especially with the baking. Heaven forbid I make something where we are left eating cake leftovers for a week (wait, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad…) I have been really inspired by all these petite, pretty little cakes:

These Lamingtons and Cake Bites from CakeJournal, who also has an awesome recipe for Marshmallow Fondant.

And of course the fall-back Martha Stewart Resources, Ruffle Tower Cake and Coconut Layer cake, both of which have a whimsical, cute prettiness to them.

Lots of options, so long as I can keep the scheming to a small enough scale. Smaller is better. The goal is just enough for us.

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