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A bunch a…


.. Stuff to catch up on. My track record keeps slipping. Down, down, down. Now where to start? Do I even bother to backlog? Or do I leave out the parts (and excuses) like how Tallis started Puking in the Chip Isle of the grocery store last Monday? And how a little more than a week later Araiya Puked all over the couch this Tuesday? And how in between we have been braced, ready for the inevitable rounds of sickness, vomiting and all other lovelies that come along with being a parent to multiple toddlers who share and distribute germs?


Maybe I will just skip all that, show nice pictures of us skiing instead. Skiing two consecutive days over the weekend when we had a lull between rounds of being sick.


Maybe talk about how Matt passed his PSIA Level II written exam on Wednesday night (YEAH!!).


Talk about how much these girls love skiing. How they spend their days here at home running up and down the hallway, pretending the Eames Rocker is a Chair Lift. How well Tallis is doing on skis, already holding a wedge and begging to ride the chairlift with Mommy or Daddy.


Or maybe how Araiya accidently rode around the Bullwheel last Friday. Then bounced right back Saturday for her last lesson with Alpentykes. Now, of course, she is terribly sad her class is over and she doesn’t get to continue skiing with her instructor.


And how I, too have finished teaching my consecutive week program, which winds down the season of getting to hang with all my crazy, yet fun-loving cohorts. How the peak highlight for me came last Saturday, when I filled my day with teaching, clocking the second fastest time on our program’s Fun Day Race Course (bragging, I know), then skiing the top of the mountain hard with the other program instructors in knee-deep fresh pow. How my perma-grin resulting from that experience lasted a few days.


Or maybe that the combination of the time change, the sickness, and all the other busywork we are constantly faced with has simply left us exhausted. 


Plus an additional oddity, as now I find myself wide awake, unable to sleep since about 2am and now at nearly 5am up and blogging despite my extreme fatigue. 


Maybe I should note how much I have been reveling in the extremes of our weather lately- one day it’s snowing the next it’s bluebird skies followed by pouring rain. The variety certainly has kept things from being too mundane. And oh, how I have loved the sunshine! Honestly, the mornings since daylight savings have worn me down, but the warm, glowing sun in the late afternoons seems almost a fair trade.

skiweeks-30 skiweeks-25

Perhaps, moreso I should state a refocus for myself. That instead of the constant reflection I can start to get my head up a bit more and be more regular in blogging the here and now. 


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