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Official identity crisis


I know I haven’t talked much about the ‘work’ and ‘business’ side of things on here much. By training, my hubby and I are both Architects. By practice, he uses his degree and I… well, I have a very expensive piece of paper signed by the Governator. I do use my training and accrue a few select billable hours alongside Matt, sometimes dabbling in conceptual design, but mostly utilizing my strengths in graphic presentation and visual communication. However, as a designer and especially when working for yourselves, “Design” and “Doing Architecture” become less and less of a 9-5 Job and so much more of a Lifestyle. We are constantly immersed in designing and the built environment around us; our deep passion and interest lie where design intersects life and how people live out their inherent intangible values within the tangible place and time they are in; the physical craft of making as an expressive art form derived from who we are and what we hold fast to. More and more we have realized a big part of what we do is more Design Counseling- one part psychology one part materialism. That has proven to be a very difficult thing to even narrow down enough to explain, let alone make monetary provision from.

Matt officially works for himself as a consultant. Our current business is a Partnership, both structurally in a legal sense and an example of the lived-out complementary nature of our relationship, has been dubbed since before we were married- over 7 years ago now. In reality, it’s become less and less of an equal partnership- he’s about 90 and I am 10. It has been obvious for a while that, at least on paper, was coming to an end. For the last few years we have been winding it down, mulling through the tedious effort of renaming and rebranding ourselves, then finally rebuilding and submitting for new licenses, business names, tax registration and all the other things which necessitate it being ‘Official’. So as of the end of December, has been no more. Just this week, we finally received our articles of incorporation for our new Incorporated Business, the finalized Articles of Incorporation and have switched all of our Business and Personal Checking to a new bank. It feels so much more serious and business-y. I even now own Shares in the Company.

Welcome to the era of 1:1 Studios, INC.



So 1:1 Studios derives from the same principals of a complementary partnership- equal entities yet distinct roles which feed of of and better the other. It speaks to the One Flesh nature of Marriage; It plays off the notion of 1:1 scale, meaning full size, as we have aimed for a while to fuse theoretical design with physical making; it emphasizes a one-on-one relationship with whomever we work with. It is also incorporated as an S-Corp, allowing us to register a number of trade names under the same overarching business and tax structure. So natalie g. photography, rather than having to be a sole proprietorship with it’s own messy taxes and set of books, is under the umbrella of the parent corporation allowing me the freedom to pursue that branch of the business with it’s own identity, branding and sector of creativity. Meanwhile, Matt can remain as a consultant under his own name and structure in a completely different creative realm. We even included a realm for continued work doing presentations and print publication work. All very stimulating. 

Regardless, that leaves me with a conundrum. 

What to do with More specifically, what to do with the fact this blog is called journal? I have struggled for a while with the fact that this eludes to being a design journal. It, I fear, has been having a bit of an identity crisis for a while now. I named it such simply because we thought we would perpetually be going by, I was writing a journal of our daily life, it kinda just happened. But is no more, this blog is still about our life and free wordpress won’t let me change the url. Already I have routed the domain here, to make things more contrived. Matt and I were dubbed Matalie in college simply because it rolls of the tongue so much easier than separating our names with an ‘and’. So add in identity crisis #2. Now we also own and and something-or-another for Matt- url’s associated with us are coming out our ears. I have purchased a flash portfolio website and hosting for my photography biz, so the most logical thing I can come up with is to switch to and load this blog, renamed officially as Matalie (and some cute catchy-catch phrase) under the domain name and re-launch this blog hosted up there. I wonder if that is the best thing to do or not. Breaking up with is hard to do. The hardest thing may just be that leaving here would mean this wordpress blog would go stagnant and everything would have to be re-routed. Could you handle having to pick up and move with me??


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