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One of those days

Do you ever have days when it seems like your head is just not screwed on straight? Those days usually start off fine, everything seems up. Then you get closer to the end and everything falls apart, leaving you to wonder at which part of the day your ability to reason and complete certain simple tasks was shut down. External stresses make it worse. For me, we had a great morning with some friends over, even provided a great lunch for 5 kids, got the little girls down for naps, easily I might add. But somewhere between there and baking three layers of Tallis’s Birthday cake, I totally spaced taking out the meat and starting our pot roast, left laundry in the washer (still there) and ended up with three kids far earlier than anticipated ( both only lasted exactly 39 minutes). So now we sit in the car while Matt and Tallis run into the grocery store to get more baby rice cereal, which we ran completely out of, as we arenon our way to eat Thai food out. I am so thankful for an understanding husband who got the gist that we all just needed to get out for the sake of sanity. And Pad Thai sounds really good tonight.

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