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Have your cake…


Tallis’ cake, pulled off as a success, despite unnecessary setbacks which took place yesterday. I finished up the decorating this morning while Tallis is out on her Birthday Daddy Date (and going to the bank). She, of course, has been begging for cake all morning. Even at breakfast, already quite aware this is HER day, saying “cake, cake? Daddy date? cake?”


The baking process started off without a hitch, aiming to ensure success and make things as easy as possible. No fuss, less potential for user error. So I decided to forfeit making the cake from scratch, which usually ends up being a massive endeavor in experimentation, and let Betty be a dependable sidekick. 


However, I opted for the super-dooper version, passing on adding oil and water to the pre-made mix by instead using butter, almond milk, and 8 eggs. Also, instead of making 2-layers per box, I divided the batter from the two boxes into thirds, making three thicker layers. This ended up working extremely well, as I trimmed off the domed top of each layer after it cooled (as the extra eggs made it fluffier and my oven cooks thing unevenly so everything I make is raw in the middle then burned on the outside even after it bakes far longer than the specified time).


My other sidekick and quality control specialist was impressed with the batter, which gave me hope it would turn out well.


The frosting I made myself, simple buttercream, without the butter (we don’t do cow dairy, so it was fake butter). I assembled the cake and cooled it in the freezer for a few minutes to set it (wise idea) then set it again after the crumb layer (again wise).



Finally, I patted the whole thing down with sweetened coconut, hoping this would hide any mistakes and imperfections would be covered up. Plus it looks kinda cool.


Chances are the cake is going to be great. I am excited for Tallis to see it. I’m envisioning her eyes getting really big. I guess we will see what the final product is like when we dig into it tonight, I couldn’t have messed up Betty Crocker that badly, right? Happy Birthday, little Tallis. I hope you enjoy this sweet, sugary treat as you celebrate turning 2 today!


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