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Happy weekending


I am hoping ours will be quiet and low-key. The kids have been a little sick the end of this week, Pia is cutting a tooth and we could all use some good recuperation. Our only excitement has been the abundance of Birthday crazies, which I am ready for a break from. The only exception I would take to rest would be taking advantage of a Date with my Hubby. My fingers are crossed Matt and I might get another date night soon, as last night we went out late to a nearby mexican restaurant and bar, which had quite an extensive Tequila list. I love Tequila- the perfect cure for an oncoming cold (feels like it is gone today too!). We had a really great time and a good chance to really talk, distraction-free, reminding me of the utter importance regularity is in that department. Then, Tallis this morning finds my tall heeled boots (which the girls call my noisy shoes), puts them on and announces she is ready to go out on her Daddy Date (I found this so hilarious). I think my girls know the routine of what happens when Mommy puts on makeup and wears her high heels! I would love to add to the impending signs of a date, maybe get some select jewelry to wear (first choice would be silvercocoon). Ah, wishful thinking. So, however you spend it, have a wonderful weekend.

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