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Life with Toddlers :: Day 1,317

6:30 AM, 2 girls climb in bed with me.

“Cuddle with Mommy!” (while bouncing on my head)

“I hungry”

“I didn’t sleep well last night”

“Make cookies for breakfast?”

“I wanna go to the park”

“Pia awake?” (no, but be quiet so we don’t wake her!!)

“Take picture my butt?”

“I’m ready to get up now” (I’m not)

“I’m hungry”

“We going skiing today?”


“Me PINK skis”

“I don’t like pink anymore”

“Kiss Daddy. Bye-bye”

“Where Daddy going?”

“Where are we going today?”

“Let’s put Tallis down for a nap and watch a movie”

“Mommy fuzzy hair arm pit”

“Actually, I want cookies for breakfast”

“Me hungry”

“Actually, I want ‘Nola” (Granola)

“I have to go potty”

“Mommy, me hungry”

7AM. We are now up, girls are at the table eating breakfast.

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