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Easter ’09


Easter Celebration, finally upon us. More than fluffy bunnies and cheap candy. A day of unbelievable rejoicing and celebrations. We have a lot to celebrate this year as a family, as a part of something bigger. My heart bursts with joy today, confident in the risen and living Jesus who is the real focus of the day. A day with far more inference than simply coming to an Easter show; It’s about the will and grace gifted to us to live cross-centered & resurrection-powered lives. It’s about seeing God work in such a visible way, and many go their whole lives to embittered or hardened or deceived to even bother giving Jesus more than a passing glance. Seeing myself, who and how I once was, once thought; now completely changed in knowing Jesus. Seeing God work profoundly, first hand, as hundreds of people today are moved enough and convinced enough in the Resurrection, the LIVING hope that he and he alone provides, that they are standing up and getting spontaneously Baptized, fully submerged, fully dressed. Nearly a dozen Baptisms this morning at our campus alone, and with 22 services set for the course of the day, potentially HUNDREDS by the end.


april09_-7 april09_-30
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For us, even with the candy, the fun, the hidden Easter Eggs, we will above all the fluff make much of Jesus, the Cross, and the Resurrection. Though not short on fun and massive sugar highs, I might add. The two older girls completely crashed from a lunch hour filled with Mac ‘n Cheese, Jelly Beans, Chocolate, Candy and more candy, now both asleep. All the more, as our little family grows, we are so thankful to Jesus for being more than myth and calling us to more than abstract philosophy.


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Perhaps if the kids wake up in time we can make it out to continue the celebration with our neighborhood family. Otherwise, I’ll be glad to have a low-key afternoon then spend the next week purging my body from the over-indulgence of Whoppers I had today ;-)

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Interested? You can watch Easter Church Services via LIVE stream tonight, at 5pm and 7pm RIGHT HERE.


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