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Burst of sun


Right before dinner, nearly completely unexpectedly, the sun burst through and warmed our backyard up just enough to enjoy some low warming rays. It’s pretty amazing to see how much the girls are enjoying the yard. Araiya sang songs to her Apple Blossoms. Tallis made meticulous piles of rocks, dirt and flowers. Matt dug at something. Mom took pictures.

blossoms-46 blossoms-45

While we ate, Araiya begged to eat out on the deck ALL SUMMER LONG. Finally a question we can eagerly say Yes to. I am so looking forward to BBQ’s, steak fries, watermelon, corn… Yum, I will be more than happy to eat my way through Summer. 

blossoms-24 blossoms-25

I really noticed tonight how the sunlight brightens spirits. Seems so simple, but the contrast between the attitudes of the morning and early afternoon in contrast are just startling. Sure, I know it isn’t just the magic photons hitting their faces– Being able to run around, break free from being cooped up, get a bit dirty, being totally spontaneous and breaking from the routine are the beneficial abilities brought on by sunshine’s byproducts.


I appreciate being able to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities we are presented, regardless of how fleeting they appear. Yeah for sun!


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