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Pia post


A bit more than 8 months, we are just about at a turning point for Miss Pia. Crawling with abundance, rather, dragging her lower half all over the house, frantically scooting after her older sisters. Mobility has opened up a whole new world of participation with these two other little creatures she is fascinated with. Just this week she has started pulling herself up to standing, mostly on my leg or arm, but also in her crib signaling I need to find the allen key set and lower the mattress again. Matt thinks she could be walking before her first Birthday, something that seems more and more likely with each passing day.


Crawling and standing don’t quite cover her mobility. Mobility in every axis is more what we are talking- rolling, pivoting, spinning, sitting, diving. By far our most squirmy baby, nearly to the point I often have a hard time holding her. She has discovered moving and is now an addict. That is still coupled with her calm serenity, much akin to her movements in the womb. She is so often content, happy as a clam sitting there occupied with a toy. Yet underlying is a strong, quiet determination, especially when it comes to accomplishing what she wants. Commonly eating some crumb or tidbit a sister has dropped on the floor. She’s quick to nab it up, eager to grab and eat whatever the rest of us have. 


Her eyes are by far the most amazing. Huge, I know. Her sweet round little face is all but overwhelmed by those blue sparklers. They get wider and wider the more she is taking in. Pia is a space cadet too, I often catch her staring blankly off into space, only to snap out of it when she catches my eye, breaking into a big gurgling grin.


I can’t help but notice the differences between her and the other girls. Each has her own personality, her own set of characteristics and responses. Overall, Pia is the easiest. Even with the nursing issues, which continue despite my not hardly nursing her, we haven’t had many speed bumps or derailments. Sure, a lot of it is the familiarity having been through the infancy stage a few times. Though I still am convinced they each come with their own sets of issues to work through, my perception is this has been pretty mild.


This week we have had two All-Nighters, something that has come and gone but I am hoping will start increasing in frequency. Overall, I have been pretty stoked with her usual gig of waking once a night. The occasional hiccup of twice or having a bit of difficulty going down still doesn’t warrant me complaining in any way. I am looking forward to the day when the majority of nights I may get a solid 8 hours. But really, I have little to complain about in light of the joy that lies within the task and work it is raising these girls. Too often it is far too easy to loose sight of the pure, overflowing abundance of joy parenting is when I have my head down in the heat of the day-to-day when I am too focused on the narrow scope of immediate struggles and loose sight of the overall. I cannot wait to see who and what Pia is up to at 9 months; and 12 months; and 18…


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