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The look and feel of homemade

Homemade baby food, that is.


We are a pretty hands-on family, can’t you tell? And yes, I do a fair amount of making my own baby food. My dedication to this task has waned as I have progressed from the first kid down to the third, there is just less time and sadly simply less drive to expend the effort in this department. I think by now I pretty much have it down to a science and it doesn’t feel like nearly as big a task as when Araiya was a baby. I do it far less frequently and still buy a fair amount of jarred baby foods and rice cereal. Though every so often I get really motivated and make a big batch of steamed foods to puree. This is one of the few times I bust out the really big stockpot, as I am all about efficiency. It has two levels of trays for steaming, so I can get a big variety of foods in one fell swoop (this also comes in handy for making fresh Bao- yum). Steaming preserves more of the vitamins and minerals than boiling. When Araiya was a baby I also bought a big stainless steel hand cranked puree thing, it really is pretty awesome for these large batches, though I find far more liking in the motorized ease of our mini food processor when I have smaller amounts.

warmspring-1 warmspring-3

I find really the process couldn’t be more simple. Steam ’til soft. Crank ’til mushy. Freeze ’til needed. This last batch we did sweet potatoes, carrots, beets and pears. Pia has really been digging adorning herself in beets. We also usually mix the fruit or veggie mush with Rice Cereal, just to make it go a little further, give it more bulk in her tummy and provide iron. There’s a part of me that wishes I was better at making baby food exclusively as there’s many compelling reasons over using jarred foods. It’s fresh, nutritious and free of additives. It also ensures baby is exposed to a greater variety of tastes and textures which helps when making the transition to more solid foods. Not to mention it is a fraction of the cost. I like thinking that Matt and I provide my family with good food and there is just more of a tactile and elaborate process to this opposed to just the familiar pop of the lid in your hand. However, it remains a process, often tedious. Even when I have the stuff, the means and the ability, it is far to easy to just pop a lid. They both achieve the same results. Of course, the overall goal is to develop healthy eating habits regardless. Now we just need to work on getting and keeping the food in where it is supposed to go, though Pia looks pretty good in Fuchsia, no?


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