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Looking Forward

Looking ahead, seeing what is ahead for how this space will serve our family. New stuff to come, changes, improvements. It was also a pretty major undertaking and loads of work to take on, but I cannot tell you how much it has paid off. I love the new site. I love that it coincides with this time of year because I start to lay out my summer calendar and it most definitely includes a few mini breaks in and out of state, which I am already itching to blog about. I’m dying to go to Joshuah Tree and Southern California, Mt. Hood and the beach along Lake Washington. I’m already in the mode to fully enjoy this summer, which the weather gave us a sampling of this past weekend, I’m determined to not let a single day of sunshine slip away unnoticed and recorded here. :)

Most of all, I am loving the BIG-sized images. I think I have said that way too many times.

I’m looking forward to more of what’s to come- everything from Matt blogging here to making this into the all-inclusive Matalie hub, where Twitter, Flickr, Blogging and interaction is all consolidated in one place. It’s gonna be pretty awesome. It’s hard since I am so revved up to not start trying to cross bridges before I get there. I tend to be pretty good at the vision casting and creative conceptual parts yet not so great at the chugging through the mundane details of making it actually happen. I can say this has been a huge excercise in my patience and endurance of ensuring everything is not only done, but done right. And I have been in over my head with the complexity and levels of coding/markup required. Thankfully we have had people willing to help who have immensely contributed to editing, giving feedback and improving our work, which is a lot that you don’t see right on the surface, but is so SO essential. Plus, it has been a learning experience for me. It’s not often I get to stretch myself and learn a bit of something that is completely new. There are many common underlying currents and roots in the design field in general, and I think web design and development is an incredibly exciting expression of that. If I were a bit younger (in lifestages, I guess) I think it would be really fun to further educate myself in this realm. For now I am content dabbling a bit and making this space uber awesome.

By the way, are you liking the new things here? It looks pretty spiffy I think.

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