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Garden Variety

This will be the third summer we’ve been living in this house, yet only the first we will be able to fully enjoy having a backyard. I should rephrase: A backyard that is actually usable. I am immensely excited at the prospect of our outside space. True, we are still not completely done to the point we can sit back and relish in the fruit of our labor. The labor continues, but this is the easy stuff. The part where the fruit, so to speak, is actually edible. This late afternoon was spent getting seeds in the ground as we finally turn our bare, brown garden mounds into luscious food-bearing gardens. At least they will be when all the seeds we planted tonight sprout, grow and start producing. 


This endeavor was pretty fun to have the girls help out with. Fun, and… slow, and exciting for them, and trying my patience, and a good exercise in following directions. By the end it was of course me planting seeds on my own, the girls too impatient because this task lacks instant gratification because the Spinach we just planted failed to instantaneously bud into salad-ready leaves upon the first watering. I know the lapse of time and slow growth are hard concepts for Toddlers to grasp. Future tense of ‘going to be’ lacks concrete comprehension and meaning at this age. I look forward to when our plants have sprouted, to see the awe and grasp of the process when they soon will see lettuces and beans and carrots we can pick, then eventually even the towering Sunflowers and orange Pumpkins and sweet Apples in the latter part of summer. 

mothers day-8

mothers day-9

It reminds me how often I exhibit this same impatience with things in my life I desire to come to fruition instantly, how I much like a Toddler stomp my foot and want results RIGHT NOW. My lack of comprehension, trust and ability to see beyond myself in the present are constant inhibitors of seeing the process of growth as the true PROCESS it is. Patience, Perseverance, Steps. Not skipping to the end.

mothers day-5

So our garden starts from it’s humble beginnings, lacking grandeur the girls were so enticed with at the garden stores which now fill their heads with preconceptions of what gardens should be. Making distraction far too easy.




But with light this good it was far too easy for me to get distracted too. So we ended our gardening dancing in the sun, celebrating the photons and energy required to make something come sprouting out of a tiny, lifeless seed.

backyardplay-33 backyardplay-32
backyardplay-31 backyardplay-30
backyardplay-29 backyardplay-28



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