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Matt’s 28th

May 25th was Matt’s 28th Birthday. A significant year to mark, most notable for me as this Fall we will have known each other for an entire decade. Basic easy math for me, adding 10′s. It also signifies his march around the calender getting much closer to hitting 30. I still remember when 30 was considered ‘OLD’. We’re also closing in on his 29th year, when we will have been together for a Third his life. Matt isn’t one to pick apart the meaning of trivialities such as Birthdays. So we celebrated Matt style- low key, laid back, unpretentious.

birthday-12 birthday-14


Early on in our relationship, Tequila played a notable role. Since then, it as a drink of choice has waned. Honestly, alcohol in general has waned with my pregnancies, nursing, budgeting and the like and Matt hasn’t had much draw to things other than his deeply affectionate love of Beer. But somehow Tequila has wormed it’s way back into our hearts and pantry (pun intended). On an occasion to reminisce back on our years together and the travels of life, it seemed an appropriate accompaniment to celebrate along with the company of friends.

birthday-20 birthday-21



And of course, Seattle evenings have been just beautiful. So temperate and mild, it has been such a wonderful enjoyment of our long laborious task of redoing the backyard, which as we enter into the third summer in this house, is finally usable. In the upper part of the yard, we have placed a small metal table under the fruit trees. A perfect spot for an outdoor meal, which we have done at nearly every opportunity. We all sat around and talked, laughed and shared.





Sunlight fading through the leaves on the trees above us, we camped out at the table in the orchard as sunset faded into the deep blue of night.



Then when it was nearly too dark to see, I lit some candles and strung Christmas lights I had pulled out of the box in the basement. It was like turning on some instant romance as we hung out together, just Matt and I, in the warm orange glow and talked.


Happy Birthday, Babe. I look forward to many more nights spent like this.


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