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The long awaited release of the fundamentally new website regarding our life and activity is finally up and live!

We have spent countless hours honing the concept, graphics, code infrastructure, technology implementation and content organization for this new expression of our lives together.

BIG thanks to Philip Soares for helping big-time on the code markup end. Its nice to have a modern-multi-lingual around!  We will miss you friend!

The biggest fundamental change will be the addition of voices in the blog.  I will now be contributing with my own writing and photography!  What started as an encouragement from me for Natalie to have a creative outlet has turned into a rhythm of life for her, and another kind of rhythm for me as I had followed along with the writing and photography and was a bad critic in having no real understanding of the discipline it took to pursue this “blogging thing”.  So, naturally, it became quite apparent this was one of the many vehicles that had revealed quite a bit of separation between Natalie and I since we moved to Seattle.  I was sadly learning more about how Natalie was feeling, what she was thinking and doing through the blog, than in my married relationship with her.

I can certainly say I have been stubborn and stiff-necked to consider a possibility that I don’t communicate with Natalie or my family well.  But, I believe I’ve reached a crest where I see it, from a high view, and now I’m [in great trepidation] plunging down the other side to change, to desire that communication and connection for us and our family.  Thus far it has been a day to day challenge of disappointment and detachment, but in the end confession and reconciliation, with the hope of a different future; a new trajectory towards closeness, and away from separation.

So, that said, we are looking forward to sharing our lives with you through this blog, in photo & word. Please check out Natalie’s post regarding the development of this new website!

Let us know what you think!

PS – will remain parked as is, but will not be added to any longer per this post.

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