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Wild and Crazy

Hey Kids, do you know what time it is?

It’s Crazy Time… oh yeah, let’s read a bedtime story, too.


Just to, you know… wind down for bed. Mom will grab a camera…

familyfun-73 familyfun-74

familyfun-76 familyfun-79


But Dad does most of the heavy lifting. Soon the energy level (and noise level) is through the roof. Yea, let’s run off the last of your residual crazies so the actual going to sleep part of this routine might be easier. And so it goes many a night- the giggles, flopping, wrestling, lifting, tossing, steamrollering. Even Pia gets in on the action now, trying her darnedest to climb up one of us then throw herself atop them. 




I wonder where she’s learned that from?


familyfun-95 familyfun-96

familyfun-89 familyfun-90

The girls’ favorite part is being tossed in the air or playing ‘airplane’ on Mom & Dad’s feet. They just can’t get enough, begging ‘AGAIN! AGAIN’ each time they are set down.



Araiya has begun to invent plenty of her own antics as she has gotten older. The silly faces (pulling down her eyelids is her favorite at the moment), dancing the crazy dance, talking in jibberish, or finding some odd object to anthropomorphize (in this case a sleeping bag became a horse!).

randomshooting-20 randomshooting-17 randomshooting-12


Pia is still a bit young for her big sister’s intensity. Often we find she’ll take a few scoots back, just to observe for a bit, trying to figure out what the heck this is all about.



I think this is a really fun time with the girls, even though I sometimes wonder if winding them up right before bed could have consequences in achieving the reverse effects we are hoping for. Often it seems these girls have boundless energy, impossible to burn off. This at least gives them a bit of an outlet after dinner and provides some decent time together enjoying one another as a family. Being engaged in play with our kids is always rewarding, even when it comes down to me ‘teaching’ Tallis dance moves, like the YMCA and Macarena (classic knowledge she will use over and over in her lifetime). If anything, at least our girls know how much fun their parent’s are, that we can be two wild and crazy guys, which I hope they will always experience even when they are too old for us to wrestle with on the floor.

randomshooting-26 randomshooting-27

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