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Sister luvin’

My girls are hilarious. I love watching them play and interact together, especially now that Pia is dying to play along with them. The older girls have started this game where they run around the house yelling, “Run away from the baby, run away from the baby!” and Pia crawls after them as fast as she can. But quickly the big girls make a lap around our circular floor plan, coming up behind her, making her squeal and turn 90 degrees and start chasing them in the opposite direction.

playing-27 playing-26


They incessantly play dress up. Often times ‘dressing up’ goes beyond their own play clothes, embarking into taking and wearing my clothes, Pia’s clothes, my old prom dress, ski clothes, doll clothes (the ‘blouse’ Tallis is donning is intended to be a doll dress). 


playing-31 playing-30

Pia watches. And watches. Tallis was very much like this around this age too. A watcher. Now Tallis is an active participant; Pia’s not long behind her. Already we often have to take a moment to instruct some calming down, reminding them to play gently with their sister (and stuff).


playing-34 playing-35

And Mommy watches, often times with camera in hand, just to grab those otherwise unnoticed (and quickly forgotten) crazy fleeting moments.



I still haven’t gotten a really good image of all three of them together. It all to often ends up like this:


Hilarity. Despite the frustrations that come along with three wee ones in this Baby/Toddler/Preschool age, I find times like these amazingly and utterly fun, oh so worth it to be a part of these girls’ everyday.

playing-21 playing-22

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