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On a roll

The girls will be flower girls in a wedding that’s now a week away. Slowly we’ve been scrambling to accrue all the necessities- the girls’ dresses arrived in the mail, the bride’s mom is making hair bows, my Bridesmaid dress has been picked up (it’s beautiful, by the way, and actually zips up!!). This week will be full of the smaller details like jewelry, makeup and hair. For the girls, hair is the big deal. I would love to have someone else do it the day of, but knowing my girls, they would freak out and refuse to let someone else touch their hair. I think it really comes down to a comfort thing and I’m not willing to risk their well-being by forcing them the day of the wedding with potentially disastrous results, so Mommy is resolved to spend this whole week ‘practicing’ doing their hair into curls so it will be old hat by the time we actually do it next Saturday.


So Thursday we went to Target and picked up a pack of rollers and some Hair Spray. Like all adventures like this, I am glad we’ve started ahead of time because it gives me a chance to learn through trial and error. I am not super good at this. Obviously there is a technique. I think the better thing would be to use a curling iron, but of course the girls won’t let me near their little heads with one (we’ve already tried). So I figure the rollers are the next best thing. Shower them in the morning, put the rollers in, then take them out right as they are getting dressed.


These girls were pretty funny, so into getting their hair curled in the initial stages of sitting still on a chair for me to put them in. But the allure to touch, move and dance around in excitement is just too much. I realize now I need about three times the number of clips the curlers set provided because each curler will need TWO clips, not just ONE. And I will be doing my hair in wavy curls too. I also learned about halfway through Araiya’s hair that I needed to spray the strand with hairspray before winding it onto the curler. With them moving the ends of the hair started to poke out and slip around. And oh my, we really need to even out these bangs of Araiya’s before next weekend. I think I might want to do that in her sleep so she doesn’t wiggle so much I can’t get a straight line.


All in all the girls were very patient with the process of putting them in.


But the process of waiting was hard. With attention spans of about 2 minutes, waiting for hair to dry is really hard. We tried the blow dryer, it made them giggle and run away from the ‘wind’.


In the end they just had to resolve to wait. Which was a long time. So long, Tallis pulled her curlers out. Araiya’s weren’t all the way dry when I took them out, but we got a few sections to curl really well. I plan to try again today, and the next day, and the next day until we get it right. Maybe they would let me use the curling iron, that would be way easier. So glad we have time to figure this all out!


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