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State of the garden

An update on the backyard, though I talk about it a lot since we have been spending so much time back there and all. Also I realize I haven’t done any Before and After comparison from what the back yard looked like a year ago and the whole process of the work we did (and here, here, here). It’s pretty crazy to look back and see the changes.


Now things are growing. And GROWING!

garden-3 garden-8





garden-10 garden-13



Bell Peppers

garden-18 garden-14
garden-25 garden-17
garden-27 garden-28

Strawberries :: Raspberries (through the neighbor’s fence that the girls pick incessantly) :: Matt tending to the tomatoes which are overgrowing the bounds of their cages :: Matt watering and smoking his pipe (oddly this picture has gotten over 30 views in 2 days since I uploaded it to Flickr… odd) :: The bud of a Giant Sunflower :: Carrots

garden-19 summerplay-60

Sunflowers and Pumpkin tendrils


Pluot on the tree & fallen Apples nibbled by the neighborhood Raccoons

summerplay-47 summerplay-55

The girls and I continue to do little improvements. Ones, of course, which are Toddler appropriate. Friends gave us this awesome Birdhouse and I had the girls ‘help’ me put it up the other day. They are quite excited to be doing as much as they can. This week we went to the library and picked up several books on growing food, farms and cooking, so they have been especially eager to all the crafts and activities outlined in the books. So the girls helped me to label all the edible plants we are growing with colored Popsicle sticks. Simple, but the girls had a ton of fun.


summerplay-34 summerplay-33

So here we are, mid-July with the veggies growing in abundance. I’m ready to get a second batch in the ground and the girls are ready to pick everything they see developing. Still preemptive, of course, but it’s really great to continue to see their excitement and enjoyment! Sure makes our hard work pay off.


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