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Beating the heat

Wednesday it hit 104 degrees F. Every other day has been above 90, INSIDE THE HOUSE.

seattleheatwave-2 seattleheatwave-9


Now, when you live in a structure with very little insulation in the back half, stagnant air because you’ve closed all the windows in attempts to retain as much coolth possible, the extremes can really get to you. It’s felt like we’ve been in a sauna the whole week. By Thursday, Pia had heat rash all down her neck and across her cheeks. The older girls wake and come into our room multiple times a night because it’s too hot to sleep. We’ve stripped all the covers off our bed and lie there, windows wide open all night long and fan blasting, hoping to cool off just a bit. I know, I know. To put things in perspective the 90′s aren’t that hot. There’s been plenty of other places we’ve lived where that is normal. But come now. This is Seattle. We relish our temperate climate and mild summers. We sure have seen plenty of extremes this year, from Arctic Blast ’08 (here, here and here) now swinging to Heat Wave ’09. If this were the norm I’d be contemplating a Straw Bale house. Seriously, though- this has set a new record, breaking the previous by 4 entire degrees. Relatively, it’s hot here.


We’ve been doing our best to beat the heat. Mornings for half the week were spent at the beach. Every afternoon we’ve escaped to shade in the backyard and the kiddie pool. Every fan we own is working overtime. Mostly, I have stuffed the girls with smoothies and Popsicle’s. They are obviously not complaining about that. Though I frequently get the incessantly whine-y I’m sweaty! These girls are pretty funny with their cool treats. We’ve gone through 2 packs of Rocket Pops and a pack of Trader Joe’s Soy Ice Cream Sandwiches. Tallis is the best, because she can’t eat it faster than it melts, so she ends up with food dye all over herself. Maybe that’s not as funny as I think it is, surely she won’t think so many years down the road and wonder why her mom took so many pictures of them eating.

seattleheatwave-27 seattleheatwave-29 seattleheatwave-30

seattleheatwave-33 seattleheatwave-32 seattleheatwave-34





Now, thankfully it’s cooled down a bit at the end of the week. I am surely grateful for a shady back yard, this cool pool and nearby places to escape to!

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