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Blue Angels 2009

This is our 5th Summer living in Seattle. 5 years, and we have never actually been to SeaFair. With really young kids, who are easily frightened by the loud noises associated with Jet engines, going to watch the Blue Angel’s show has been a very, let’s say, unwise activity to attempt. This plane and air show buff would LOVE to go sit along the lake for a front row seat. Better yet, sit in a boat directly under the flight path. We’ve been quite happy in both places we’ve lived here in the core of the city to be directly under the turn around paths. With two practice days and two shows, we get 4 full days of watching the jets buzz our house less than 200 feet above our heads.


I get quite excited. Yes, I will fully admit I am a plane dork. There was once a time I (fleetingly) thought about joining the Air Force just so I could fly jets. Fleetingly. This year the girls are old enough that they have actually been rather excited about watching the Blue Angels. In fact, they are talking incessantly about it. Every time they hear something outside, “Blue Angels! Blue Angels!” And we live right under the flight path for all the commercial airlines headed in and out of SeaTac Airport.


The past three days we’ve been perched in the backyard, ready to go and revved up for the practice times. It started out with a bit of timidity, mostly on Tallis’ part, due to the noise. She was extra worried about the fire coming out of the back of the jets. But many rounds of zooming in on the pictures I’ve been taking has assured her that, in fact, there is no fire (to be technically correct, that you can see) coming out of the plane. She got the biggest kick from zooming in to see the pilots’ yellow helmets. Day one and two involved plugging their ears; today they were bouncing around the yard trying to get the best view possible. While we feel like (and it may look from the pictures taken with an extra-large zoom lens) we are close in on the action, indeed we only see them at a relatively far distance overhead. Friends of ours who live in Seward Park, far closer to where the show is actually taking place, say they can see from the ground, bare eyeballs, the pilots turning their heads. That sounds awesomely cool.


Araiya has decided tomorrow she would like to go down to the lake with me. This prospect makes me so very excited. I know it’s going to be a lot (A LOT!) louder than we experience from the house. But I am willing to give it a try if she really feels it’s something she wants to do. I’ve shown her some You Tube videos in preperation of what to expect of the show looks like from the shores of Lake Washington, as we miss a lot of the really cool maneuvers they do skimming right above the lake, and she is pretty darn excited. So we will venture down into the masses via the bus tomorrow after church, hoping to make a plane buff out of my daughter on our ‘Mommy Date’. Yippee!

blueangels09-3 blueangels09-19



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