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Stomach bug

We’ve all caught a stomach bug. Germs and sickness are to be expected raising a family, we’ve already had our fair share of illness and I fully expect plenty more in the years ahead. I know we have been incredibly lucky to have been spared from any serious health problems. For that I am so thankful. Being sick reminds me of the futility of our bodies. Regardless of how we might try, prevent or avoid, our flesh is weak and our physical selves prone to disease. The bigger thing that I struggle with in these times of battling illness is how much more dependent on ME these girls become. I like knowing I am their comfort, condolence and they look to Mommy to make it all better. Despite the fact puke and poop gross me out, I like being able to serve them when they are especially needy.



I am grateful their bodies can recover and do heal. It is hard in the heat of it to see them feel so yucky, to not understand why they are throwing up and trying so hard to fight it. I remember how hard it is, to feel like you aren’t going to get better, to forget what it feels like to feel well. In fact, being with my kids through their sickness, getting to be that loving support, gently reminds me that thankfully, this is temporary. I have no idea how to care for my sick kids, my sick husband, all the while being sick myself. In these times of need I wish someone were there to take care of me. These are the times I need an extra portion of Grace. While it is humbling and joyful to be so depended on and needed, it’s simultaneously extra draining. If my only source of strength came from my same feeble body that is curled over the toilet and my delusional mind somehow still running on zero sleep, there is no way I could sustain my care for four other people. Monday the older girls took wonderfully long naps out in the sun. They looked so peaceful, it was hard to imagine on either side of that window how ill they indeed were.



But praise God my tendencies to turn inward and focus on my selfish desire to be taken care of, to turn this situation into a bitter and resentful it’s not fair, what about me? moment has been cleansed away. Praise that, this time, my prayer is not, spare me because getting sick is gonna suck, but spare me, deal lightly with me so I can take care of everyone else. And He has. Somehow, someway, this sickness has dealt lightly with me. Praise God for his providence through this. The older girls spent an entire day violently puking, then thankfully got a good night’s sleep. Pia had a day’s worth of bad diarrhea, but no vomit. Matt, poor Matt. He’s been hit the hardest. I haven’t seen him this sick in a few years. It’s been over 24 hours now and he’s still feeling horrid. But me, I was able to care for him most of the night last night, then I myself started puking at 4am. By 8am, after the girls were up and playing nicely at the foot of our bed so we could get some extra rest, it subsided. Today I have been able to care for the kids, who thankfully took very long naps yet again, and allow my husband rest. By 5pm tonight I was famished and ate cereal. Feeling far better, I am in high hopes it has passed and I won’t relapse into another wave of nausea tonight or tomorrow (obviously feeling well enough to catch up on blogging!). We hear from our friends we caught it from it’s quick yet intense. I am still hoping Matt feels better before morning and gets some beneficial rest tonight. And me too, as I feel we will have another long day of recuperation ahead of us tomorrow.


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