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The difference a year makes

The previous post was all pic’s of Pia as a newborn. Fresh out of the oven, so to speak. I will always remember her like that in those images. Baby Pia. But oh my, what a year does.

bday-26 bday-23 bday-22


Now she’s Miss Hilarious Personality. 85% of the time, calm and serene, perpetually happy. The other 15% she is a little firecracker. Her facial expressions are so much like Araiya’s. She wears whatever she is thinking or feeling right out there in her over-dramatized little face. Those huge blue eyes not only take so much in, but they express so much out, too.

bday-33 bday-34
bday-36 bday-37


Her Birthday celebration was low-key. Just us and some close family friends. This was the first Birthday I have not made a Cake or Cupcakes for. Honestly, I really think that factor made absolutely Zero difference. I love to be able to serve my kids in making something special for them and Birthday’s it has taken the form of a cake. But this past week I piled my plate far too high- a Wedding to get through editing then out for Proofing before we left for Camping on Friday morning. So we resorted to store-bought- shaving off hours of baking, cooling and frosting. Araiya and Tallis picked out the cake with Pink flowers (surprised?) and we sat Pia down in her Stokke to let her indulge in her first-ever Cake.


She isn’t the child who revels in the spotlight (ehm, Araiya), nor does she clam up in shyness (ehm, Tallis). But  all the singing and putting her front and center certainly threw her off. Her sisters were by far more excited for cake than she was. And how could she be? She had never had any before. So we placed a slice in front of her, lit the candle (which her sister’s blew out) and let her have at it. All uncertainty melts away as she tries new things that lead to new discoveries.

bday-81 bday-83
bday-84 bday-85


bday-90 bday-95

Yea, it was really good. Really. So good when she finished hers, she started going after Tallis’ plate with a fork.


I think by far I get more out of these celebrations than the kids do. I love watching there enjoyment, it compounds my own. I love the excitement, the anticipation of exposing them to new experiences I know will be really fun for them. In fact, I tend to not use much restraint to ensure they get the FULL enjoyment (we had Birthday cake for Breakfast the next day).


[As a total side note, these cake eating pic's are about the only images I have ever posted on this blog taken with a flash. 99% of what I shoot of the Family is all natural/available light. With open lenses (f.2.8 or below) I rarely need anything more. And I NEVER use the built-in flash. FYI- these were all taken with a Nikon D80, Nikon 60mm f/2.8 Micro lens with the camera on Manual mode- Aperture set to f/4 and the Shutter at 1/200 of a second. I bounced an on-camera Nikon SB-600 powered down -2 off the ceiling to fill the room with light, thus avoiding harsh shadows. What do you think?]

bday-96 bday-98

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