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Photobooth: Grummer-style

Last night, being right up to the last minute in nature, I had realized I had not yet gotten around to photographing a custom-designed proof box for a wedding I had recently shot to post on my (other) blog. And the meeting was in 45 minutes. Dinner was in the oven, babysitter on the way, Matt not home just yet. So what do I do? I set up a makeshift studio in my living room to get a few quick snapshots of the proof box. Out come the light stand, the umbrella, the speedlights, the remote trigger. But the girls think it’s for them. They want me to take pictures of them.

So I did.

And here it is. Photobooth, Grummer-style:

playing-24 playing-25 playing-26

playing-27 playing-28

playing-29 playing-30
playing-31 playing-32

playing-33 playing-34

playing-35 playing-36 playing-37

playing-38 playing-39
playing-40 playing-41

playing-42 playing-43

playing-44 playing-45


Then this morning, I catch Araiya dressed in a princess dress, in the dining room with one of my monopods, her digital camera and her sisters trying to get them to line up at the photobooth. Hy-larious!

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