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Holiday Cheering

I was just looking back at past blog posts about our many adventures we’ve had each year in hunting down a Christmas Tree from the Forest. Some are better than others. The realization came that maybe, just maybe, I should keep my fingers crossed that friends don’t back-read my blog like I do. Because then we would be hard pressed to lure anyone into going with us to cut down a Christmas Tree if they were to have read the horror stories of years past. Because then they’d know what we were getting them into. Because based on previous experience, they would* never come again. Eventually we’d run out of friends to bring along if everyone knew what this tree hunting thing was REALLY about. Sure, the cheap $10 cutting permit price has some appeal. It would be far too quickly overshadowed by the whole tromping up a hill in thigh deep snow for hours, driving up dangerous snowy fire roads, stuck minivans, screaming children, the rugged frozen cold, elusive Christmas trees and backlogged cars trying to turn around in 10 feet of space on icy roads. And that was only this year. If you are so inclined to seal the deal on never joining in a future trip, you can read about past years HERE and HERE.

But yes, somehow, someway, we got another family to come along.

thanksgiving-87 thanksgiving-88



It was awesome. I felt at about 10 points along the trip we had for sure freaked them out to the point of possibly deterring our entire relationship all together and dashed all hopes they would ever hang out with us again. It was a relief that they found their tree before we found ours AND their kids screamed far less than ours. That’s like double bonus points. Plus, we, for the first time in doing this for 4 years, made it in to the place where the Forest Service planted a whole slew of Noble Firs, so we ended up with a Christmas Tree that actually looks like a Christmas Tree (opposed to the bushes or haphazard green-ish sticks we’ve come home with in previous years). VICTORY!

thanksgiving-93 thanksgiving-92

thanksgiving-94 thanksgiving-95



This process is always a learning experience. First, I learned to always bring along an additional, single Male adult. He carries children, trees, saws, and drives a Subaru at any point when needed. Second, next year we need to tailgate with hot Minestrone soup, Hot Chocolate and possibly some warm hard alcohol in celebration at the end of the tree cutting portion. Maybe then there’s hope for future trips and I need not be as fatalistic as I tend towards. Until then, my fingers are firmly crossed that this tree lives more than a week and doesn’t follow in it’s predecessor’s shoes by dying then barfing all it’s needles all over the living room rug in protest of being taken from the woods.


* I should add in reinforcement here, ‘and have never come again’ due to the fact all past parties who have accompanied us on these trips have never repeated their Christmas Tree Acquirement in this same way again.

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