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Turkey Bash

We traveled across the state for Thanksgiving. While it was a short trip, at least travel was easy and our time there restful. The highlight for the girls (oh, okay, the adults too) was the Turkey. Unfortunately, not the one we cooked and ate, but the paper and cardboard Turkey Pinata Matt’s parents picked up for the girls. Somehow, Araiya became convinced there was Cash in the Pinata. Yea, I have no idea where that came from, though it’s quite a good idea. She begged and begged to hit it. Finally Friday we strung him up and let the girls beat away. Several rounds by the toddlers with a plastic bat and the poor guy was barely dented, therefore the adults had to step in and provide a little ‘help’ towards this poor turkey’s eventual demise.

thanksgiving-17 thanksgiving-25

thanksgiving-33 thanksgiving-34

Look at this swing. Think we need to sign her up for T-Ball in the Spring?!?

thanksgiving-45 thanksgiving-46 thanksgiving-47

thanksgiving-53 thanksgiving-54

thanksgiving-58 thanksgiving-59 thanksgiving-60

thanksgiving-63 thanksgiving-64 thanksgiving-65

thanksgiving-67 thanksgiving-68 thanksgiving-72

thanksgiving-71 thanksgiving-76 thanksgiving-79


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