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I have a camera and am not afraid to use it…

Mom takes pictures. Girls like to take pictures… Picture us taking pictures.




While they have grown up with a camera in their little faces and I constantly get the comments about how many good pictures I must have, we can now attest the factual basis of my girls current state of photographic meltdown. It’s one thing to have a ton of images of them as little baby blobs, wide-eyed and staring or the multitudes of pictures from fun activities or even the goofiness toddlerhood brings. Quite the other to get quality photographs that might actually be used anywhere beyond this blog (case in point in today’s post, where I *tried* capturing the Christmas magic of decorating the tree). The benefits of not trying too hard lend themselves to the silly. Which is now the norm. We’ve been reduced to every time I take out the camera, simultaneously out come the tongues, the pulled cheeks, the distorted facial expressions. Every. Time.


decor-12 decor-11





And now the littlest one does it too. Granted, she has no concept of exactly what she’s doing, or even moreso why she’s doing it. Laughing with her sisters as she copies them is motivation enough. But Mommy has big plans for Christmas photos this year. Plans including fake snow, confetti, a roll of black seamless, several box fans and studio lights. Now I am second guessing. Maybe it’s just their reaction to me. Pictures Mom has been taking obviously haven’t been as well received as they were in the not-so-distant past. Wondering if I should more seriously consider who out of my pro photographer contacts I can con into taking our photos… Wouldn’t you want to put these lovely faces in YOUR portfolio?



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