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Winter Solace

Every day from here on out is getting a little lighter and a little longer. I can’t really say that we noticed the longest day of the year being any extra dark and dreary. Yet it marks a significant point in time, especially for us here in the North- the slow return of the Sun. Honestly, Winter thus far has felt dry. The past few days we’ve even seen a bit of that phantom yellow ball peek through. It’s not a bad way to celebrate Christmas. If I had to choose, I’d take snow. But the beauty of the cool light, rich textures of color and the contrasts which seem the most predominant this time of year have been utterly inspiring. I’m in love with the layered junction between softness and crisp, clean lines. I’ve found it running as a theme, popping up in everything from my photographs, crafted gifts, clothing choices, even the details of wrapped packages currently hidden away in secret anticipation of tomorrow morning.

christmasprep-1-2 christmasprep-4-2




christmasprep-16-2 christmasprep-17-2



Until then, we will wait. We will soak it in and enjoy every small detail that makes this season what it is. At this very moment, I have officially finished all gifts- bought, made, wrapped and tucked away. Matt is off with the girls finishing some final shopping (for me, none the less!) so the house is quiet. Chicken soup sits simmering on the stove, awaiting their return and a warm meal before we don our Christmas finery and head off to Christmas Eve Service. This marks a shift, not just from a solar-orbital standpoint, but a shift from preparing everything that makes this Holiday what it is and now into a festive celebration of things, much akin to the tilt of the Earth towards the sun, put into motion far beyond our control and understanding but in utter revealed glorious hope so that we may taste the joy gifted to us on that first Christmas.


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