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Christmas Morn

Our girls were up before the sun on Christmas morning. The Ooo’s and Aww’s softly filtering into our room as we heard them under the tree surveying the neatly wrapped, carefully placed packages. Their pre-dawn excitement obviously contagious, as we immediately joined them so that anticipation of gifts awaiting opening could be torn into. Their eyes big with wonder as box after box, paper covering after paper covering was pulled away to reveal what was hidden inside. Books, clothes, toys. Each girl got a new dolly, which were clung to the remainder of the morning. They also received a new art table, thus far used each day since. Two obvious highlights they are still reveling in. Their cuteness in receiving, the excitement worn on their faces even now as they peer over the desk at the ‘puter screen where I write this post, makes all the wonderful memories of the small, intimate family celebration we got to have fresh again.



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