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Help Haiti

It is hard to understand the severity of need in Haiti.
It can almost seem like a distant dream.
There’s been a huge response and outpouring from our communities in giving.
There’s a sense that the selfish issues in our lives is irrelevant when compared to what is going on in Haiti.

Yesterday our Church showed a special video made less than a week ago by one of our Pastors who spent less than two days on the ground in Haiti. Service lasted two hours, we sat somber, in humility and were blown away. Please pray for these people.

The entire country is in a state of loss- lost lives, lost infrastructure, lost resources. One of the main places people are flocking for safety, protection and hope is to their Churches. Churches where the buildings are utterly demolished, non-existent or on the verge of collapse. Churches where the communities are the only chance of survival amidst and ever-increasing violence over scarce resources like water and food. Churches who have lost so much, yet are still reaching out to help as many people as they can, housing them on their Church property. One Church is feeding nearly 10,000 people every day on food they, by God’s providence, had delivered the day before the earthquake which would have fed impoverished communities near the church and now is sustaining the very survival of those people and more. That is just one story from Pastor Mark’s Sermon I have included below.

If you feel inclined to give, please find a way. The need is great, but so are our resources.

Pastor Mark’s Sermon from Sunday:

“his special sermon by Pastor Mark Driscoll aired at all Mars Hill campuses on January 24, 1010, just days after he and a team for Churches Helping Churches returned from their relief and fact-finding trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Pastor Mark shares firsthand stories and images of pastors and churches in Haiti to give a sense of the devastation there. Jesus calls the church to be on mission both locally and globally, and that includes helping our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Additionally, I believe that as individuals it seems we can do little, yet together, we can do great. From now until the end of the month, I will donate 50% of all booked Spring Portrait Session Fees and 100% of my profits from Prints & Products purchased from those sessions or previous ones, so the monies raised from this special offer will go directly to these aid organizations. If you have or haven’t already given, this is an easy way to do so and purchase great photography in return. All proceeds go to Churches Helping Churches, working to complement humanitarian organizations in the rebuilding of Haitian churches. If you’re interested, contact me (natalie {at} matalie {dot} net ) and check out my Photography work at

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