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A look back, from a different angle

One famous photographer says, “The best camera is the one you have with you.” Sometimes that is so, so true. The thousands of dollars invested in camera gear surely make for some great images we have captured into memories of every aspect for our girls to have of their time growing up. In 4  years, I have nearly 10,000 images camped out in our Flickr Photostream. In the past year, I have shot over 50,000 on 3 different camera bodies. Yet (yes, there’s a yet) Yet, I have nearly entirely overlooked the treasure trove that has become my iPhone. Flipping through the nearly 500 images stored on it made me laugh out loud more than once. Here lies the randomness, the craziness, the un-posed, the we-don’t-cares, the meaningless. This is the one device I carry with me nearly 100% of the time. It’s been perfect to whip out when, say, Tallis falls asleep in the cart at Safeway or we stop at Dairy Queen on a road trip and the girls cover themselves in ice cream. So I thought I would share a few (read: 150) here. Especially since I have been silent for so long (read: sorry)

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