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Warm Winter

For those of you around Seattle, you would attest this is an incredibly odd Winter. We’ve had Sun. That’s right- SUN. Quite a divergence from the typical photon-deprived season the Pacific Northwest is prone to. For those of you elsewhere who’ve been hit hard this Winter, my apologies. Having said that, I can’t really complain. We’ve been to the parks, the zoo, the backyard, had the windows open, worn sunglasses, enjoyed beautiful light.

sunnypark-43 sunnypark-46


sunnypark-38 sunnypark-39


sunnypark-29 sunnypark-28

sunnypark-26 sunnypark-20

sunnypark-21 sunnypark-22

sunnypark-10 sunnypark-6


sunnypark-4 sunnypark-3

sunnypark-5 sunnypark-1

sunnypark-47 sunnypark-48

sunnypark-51 sunnypark-50

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