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Ski, ski, ski!

It’s no secret we love to ski. Thankfully it’s a passion we’ve passed on to our girls. Some days it seems they could ski forever and are reduced to tears when we force them to leave. Commonly we get the pity looks crossing the bridge back to the car along with the comments, “oh, poor thing, she must be cold and tired.” On the contrary. Saturday Araiya made the keen observation during her protest as we were packing up that it’s not really the end of the day because the lifts are still running. They’d easily be the last people on the mountain if we’d let them and considering the lifts turn until 10pm, that won’t be for a long while yet. It has taken a lot of effort to cultivate such a strong desire and some pretty amazing abilities at such young ages. I won’t fool myself into thinking we aren’t very, very lucky. At any given point, it could have gone downhill fast. We’ve resolved to not push them and not force them, but also been very clear with our expectations that we are here to ski. In fact, I wrote a whole post on the subject way back when. Sure, we have plenty of hot cocoa and Turn Beans (Jelly Belly’s) but overall skiing has simply become a part of everyday life, not an event. Still, it’s a privilege. I think they are starting to get that. Araiya has been trying to wrap her mind around why none of her other friends here in the city ski. Also, she’s far more aware of the effort put into every Saturday. She’s struggling through the hardships that come along with the sport, like carrying her own skis, getting all her layers on. It’s my hope that we don’t do these girls a disservice by protecting them from the struggle that it is to participate in this sport. I hope we don’t loose sight of WHY we do it just because it would be so easy to take for granted the fact that we get to do it so much. Sunday’s sermon gave me a swift kick in the pants. We’re here to love on people. Skiing, actually mostly teaching skiing, has brought us into relationship with so many different people. The real privilege is getting to know them and love on them by serving, being transparent in our motivations of not just the ‘how’ we do this multiple days a week, but the ‘why’.

Yet, we love it. We get to enjoy our family enjoying something together. Hands down it wouldn’t be as rich if I or Matt were off experiencing this by ourselves. It’s been so enjoyable, we went up not just Saturday, but Sunday as well. This day marks a turning point. Tallis is now skiing the beginner chairlift, riding up with Matt and Araiya follows them up as she can ride the lift all by herself. So off they go, all three of them. We’re 2/3 of the way to actually, really skiing as a family.





skiing-126 skiing-129

skiing-130 skiing-131

skiing-135 skiing-146

skiing-150 skiing-155






skiing-172 skiing-176 skiing-175






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