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Tallis turns 3!

I really can’t believe our little April Fool’s Baby turned 3 yesterday. Three years. That’s kind of bending my mind trying to wrap it around the concept of how that time has passed. I don’t get it.

Tallis had a handful of requests for her Birthday yesterday, all of which we were glad to fulfill. First, Matt took her out on a Daddy Date to our local coffee shop, Tougo, where she had a pink doughnut and hot cocoa. Next, we brunched on our traditional Pancake breakfast, where Tallis’ pancake was shaped as a ’3′ thanks to Mom’s extraordinary culinary artistry. Then, for dinner she wanted to go to Po Dog, the local hipster (and amazingly good) Hot Dog place (really, if you haven’t tried it go- they’re amazing). Finally, we ended the evening at Cupcake Royal, where Tallis licked all the pink frosting off her cupcake. Oh, wait, we actually ended the night in Sugar-high meltdown mode, but who’s really counting that? She woke up this morning stoked to be 3, talking about all the fun she had celebrating her Birthday and continues incessantly pushing the button on the singing fishes card she was sent. I am sad to leave 2 behind as she moves from Toddlerhood into being a Preschooler. Three. It’s crazy how this happened. I’m still shaking my head.



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