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Laying under the trees

Yesterday was amazing. And so is today. Apparently this was the first time Seattle has been over 70 degrees since September 25th. We’ve been outside, the windows flung open, digging in dirt and playing in the yard. Last night was officially the first night this year we have eaten dinner on the back deck. Dinner was darn good (we had sliders- mini-burgers made with local beef mixed with quinoa, garnished with bacon & avocado with paprika potatoes on the side). All afternoon I migrated between pulling weeds in the garden beds and laying on a blanket under the trees, staring up at the blue, blue sky. I dreamed of what summer would be like, the things we will do in our backyard. The pool, the BBQ’s, the garden, the fire pit, the play pit. I reminisced about last summer. I planned out work we need to do, like moving a ton of ‘reclaimed’ building materials to a new location (a.k.a. the dump) to reclaim deck and yard space. Planting our garden once again and eating the bounty we grow. Setting up the pool so the girls can splash around, escaping the heat of our stuffy house. I wondered, once again, if we should get some chickens?

I think we really needed a day like that. Usually, we get back from a trip, no matter how long, and I am right back to work, trying to play catch-up. I have to say, it was liberating to literally just lie around, to be purposefully really slow. I have also been wearing dresses. All of them, since I only own like three, I’ve been living in them for the past week in California and now back in Seattle too. Before we left on our trip, I took myself shopping and bought two (yes, two) new dresses. Two, now to add to the one I bought for a wedding last summer, which now makes it a collection I guess. Shopping for summer clothes is especially hard for me. I found myself close to buying some really nice grey cashmere sweaters on clearance. Wrong season, I know. That’s pretty much what I am drawn to. Summer is a whole different story. All of the dresses in the stores seem way shorter than I ever remember them being. Same with the shorts. And the one-piece short-shorts jumpers? Ladies, there is a whole lot of fugly out there in the stores right now. Seriously. One of the dresses I bought is so not me. But I love it. It was great for the beach, to throw on and walk through the sand barefoot, feeling the wind tug at the long skirt and the sun on my bare shoulders. Though it looks more like I should be adorned in a wreath of daisies around my head while I go skip across a meadow in slow motion with grass up to my waist. But I am very allergic to said grass, so now that vision in my head is looking more like a commercial for Claritin. But said clothing is just fueling my desire for Summer. I want to live in light cotton dresses and hang around on my back deck while wearing a wide-brimmed sun hat. I want to put my girls in light cotton dresses with no shoes and let them run free and loose in the yard.

But we’re not quite there yet. The deck is a bit of a mess. I all of a sudden feel way behind on planting my garden. The front yard is choked with weeds. So Today we’ve worked. Matt is tackling the leaking bathtub (finally), though on his 3rd trip to Home Depot I don’t gauge it’s going quite as planned. I’ve prepped garden beds, planted lettuce & spinach with the girls, cleaned the kitchen (with the water main turned off, none the less), mopped the floors and prepped Chicken & BBQ sauce for friends coming over tonight. Our ex-basement tenant, eager to escape the confines of his condo, came over announcing he wanted to do some yard work today. And he came armed with fixin’s for Breakfast Burritos. Now the house is quiet, Pia napping and the older girls off at the store with Matt. Only the continuous noise of various weed wackers buzzing filters in from around the neighborhood. There is more of this just around the corner, for which I am so glad as I anticipate these next few months ahead.

I love days like this.

I can’t wait for summer.

I know it’s coming.








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