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Tallis, running back from the kitchen after peering in the oven at our roasting chicken: “Daddy! Da Chicken’s DONE!”

Matt: “Really? What does it look like?”

Tallis: “Um. It looks salty.”

Matt: “Really? Salty, huh. It should look Golden Brown and Crispy.”

Tallis: “Yea. It’s Golden Bwown. And Cwispy. It’s like a Rhinoceros.”

Matt: “Like a what?”

Tallis: “It’s a Rhinoceros. Actually, it’s Pig.”


Me, as I roll up the pants to her jeans, making them into Capris: “You know Tallis, when you cuff your jeans like this it’s called ‘Boyfriend Jeans.’”

Tallis: “But I’m a girl!”

Me: “Yea, it’s just what the style is called. It’d be like if you were wearing your boyfriend’s pants. But it’s a style for girls.”

Tallis, turning to Araiya: “Hey Araiya! I have a Boyfriend, and I’m wearin’ his pants!!”


Tallis, explaining why she’s picking her nose & licking it: “It smells like Nutella so I wanted to eat it.”

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