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Things that get better with age

29 years ago today Matt was born.
29 years. That means only ONE left until he hits that big, daunting mile marker of 30.
Somewhere inside of me still thinks 30 is old.

So here is a glimpse back into the 10 years I have known Matt. One more year and we will have been together in our teens, twenties and thirties. I still haven’t figured out exactly how I feel about turning 30 in two years, though I am quite glad that Matt gets to go first. I have gotten to see him hit many mileposts before- becoming an adult, legally drinking alcohol, being able to rent a car without an extra charge, getting life insurance, becoming a father. I live a pretty public life through Twitter, the Blog and our Facebook page. When it comes down to it, I’m a pretty open book, but I also think it’s important to self edit and limit what I share. Today I feel compelled to possibly cross that line and share how FREAKING HOT my husband is. See, I thought he was cute back then. We met at 18 & 19, married at 20 & 21. Surely it was those blue eyes and the McDreamy hair that attracted me. But hands down it was that intensity and depth of his person that kept me. Yes, things do indeed get better with age. It was fun back then, and still is now. All the times we crack each other up, him grinning over at me in utter disbelief as I commonly laugh so hard I cry. The times we in unison repeat funny movie lines until we we’re crying again from laughing so hard. And we still stay up late talking… Intensely. That doesn’t mean we haven’t had major hardships strife our marriage in those years. If anyone tells you marriage is easy, they are lying. But the good stands out as amazing cherished memories all the more because we’ve endured through the trials set before us. Except for the wedding pics, I’ve taken many of these photos more than 5 years ago. Canada. San Luis Obispo. Truckee. Seattle. I was quite a T-max and PX and Kodachrome fanatic back then. I remember so distinctly the memories and feelings and places in each of these. Each still strike me with an awesome disbelief that this is really my life. There are times we’ve been traveling somewhere, waking up in bed in the morning and being smacked in the face with this amazing view, and thinking, “How in the world did I end up here with this amazing man?  This is so beautiful, how can it possibly even be real life?” As I gaped at the exquisite beauty, it was like that mountain range created a channel from God’s heart and infinite beauty directly into my soul. I am struck the same way some mornings when 3 little girls come clamoring into our bed, early sunlight filtering through the white curtains, “How in the world did we end up with three kids? This is crazy and mind blowing that these little girls have been entrusted to us.” I’ve always cherished these images as they remind me of those moments, they are very dear to what makes our life what it is. But as I look at it more deeply I realize it’s also extremely symbolic for me. They together represent everything I want at the forefront of my mind as I appreciate the immensely undeserved blessings I’ve been entrusted with. This man- my husband, father to our children, brother in Christ, leader, servant, friend, soulmate, the person God is shaping him into- everything I want. Our 20′s have been good. As he gets to go first in aging himself out of youth into middle age, into the closing of this decade and stepping into the next, I completely trust our 30′s will be even better.

Proverbs 20:5-7

5 The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water,
but a man of understanding will draw it out.
6 Many a man proclaims his own steadfast love,
but a faithful man who can find?
7 The righteous who walks in his integrity—
blessed are his children after him!

So Happy Birthday Matt! I love you more at 29 than I did the day I married you.

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