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Drink of lack of choice

Lately a good martini has sounded really good after dinner. Or a glass of wine would be equally as good. Or a margarita, which is my default favorite drink. Since moving to Washington I have been to the liquor store all of, um… Zero times. Back home in Cali you could walk into any grocery store to purchase nearly any hard alcohol from their wide selections. It just doesn’t work like that in this State. You have to buy liquor from a Liquor Store, which has regulated hours (read: not open when I want them to be). That actually makes a lot of sense to regulate alcohol sales in this way. And apparently my perspective on Normal has been 5 years slow on catching up. I believe Matt even has only been to a liquor store a total of Twice (for Tequila, of course). Which equates to a very poorly stocked liquor cabinet. We regularly purchase Beer & Wine, which thankfully still conveniently comes from a grocery store at the same time as all the other grocery shopping we do. In a pinch, we have a few quality convenience stores, like the Good Neighbor Market up the street (formerly named the Afro Mart), where once you get past the wine coolers and cheap 40′s, sometimes have a decent selection when company drops by for a BBQ and we need a 6-pack.

I can assure you with these statistics we are not a heavy-drinking household. But occasionally, it is really nice to sit down with a nice drink after the kids go to bed. So slowly we have worked our way through what we moved up to Seattle with. We have worked our way through the few bottles of Tequila Matt bought over the years. Beyond somewhat irregularly picking up a bottle of wine, our meager existence what one would call ‘stocking the Liquor Cabinet’ has depended on guests coming over and leaving behind a partially consumed bottle. That bottle then sits around in the cabinet above the stove in the company of all the other partially consumed bottles (if it’s Tequila it will recede in volume at a more expedited rate). And over time we are bound to collect quite a hodge-podge that is, well… then it’s just bound to sit there. Until I get a craving. And open up the Bartender’s Bible attempting to find something I could possibly make with the random contents of dusty bottles. Most combination’s simply don’t lend themselves to anything (or at least anything worth drinking). But occasionally the stars align and inspiration strikes.

Last weekend such a desire hit. I opened the cabinet. It was meager in there for sure. 1/3 a bottle of Triple Sec, 3/5 a small bottle of bitters and a full bottle (less one shot) of some Grey Goose Vodka left here the last time we had a party. Doubtfully, I opened the book to the Vodka section. Miraculously, fourth recipe down found one that actually called for what we had. No trips to the store, no flipping page after page of nothing that would work, no fussing and whining on my part that we don’t have anything good.

Vodka, Triple Sec, a squeeze of lemon. It’s called a Brazen Hussy.


We’ve had one nearly every night this week and when we ran out of Lemons, Limes are an adequate substitute. Last night, thanks to some help from Philip, we polished off that Bottle of Grey Goose.

So if anyone wants to come over for dinner, please, please, you are more than welcome.

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