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Daddy’s Day

They say the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach. I can attest to the existence of this elusive 6th Love Language- feeling love by means of Food. Surely it’s obvious Matt feels cared for in many other ways, but there is utter enjoyment found in making special treats for him as I have managed to find a very amazing guy to marry who happens to gobble the vast majority of what I cook right up. He’s a dream come true. I can count one, only ONE meal this man did not like. Especially since being on this kick of inspired cooking, we’ve been enjoying some darn good meals around here. Gladly I will take this day, actually this weekend, to spoil him a little something extra. So Friday we had Copper River Sockeye Salmon. Homemade chili with homemade Tortilla Chips. Today we’ve made pretzels. The yummy German-style soft kind fresh out of the oven slathered in stone-ground mustard. And banana bread, dotted with toasted walnuts & warm, gooey chocolate chips. Later perhaps we’ll make up some French Onion Soup as the June-uary weather is calling for it. Or Apple Pie is possibly slated for dinner. Just Pie, nothing else as I’m not sure I can (or should) stuff myself anymore. The girls & I also got him a fun little Fuji Instax camera. I gave the kids a choice- would daddy want a new wallet, a black leather belt, or this cool camera? There was no competition. Insanely practical gifts were no match to the sleek molded plastic and business card-sized pictures that get spit out the top of this little baby.


I can’t think of many better ways to spend this dreary, cold & wet Father’s Day than gathered in the kitchen awaiting the ding of the oven’s timer to serve Matt more of what we’ve just made up. The girls eagerly await his reaction, eager to see just how much he is enjoying what they have made. As if every scoop of flour, bit of chocolate or minute it spent baking was so potently laced with their Love that he couldn’t help being so overwhelmed with the utter tastiness it adds to the recipe. Just because they made it for him. And he shows them how much it does mean to him, in the bites he takes of our food and so many other ways, mostly the subtle ways  I notice  of what it means for him to be a Father to these girls. Small gestures and mannerisms towards his daughters that only their Father can have with them. Like this morning the way his warm hand rested on Tallis’s blond head as he knelt over to explain something to her. It made me realize how much I long for the girls to see an appreciate his role in their lives. I know as they grow the small things, the regularities they take for granted, will become more noticeable to them. Like the way that he greets all of us when he comes home, the fun and play of our family life. Giving us the full breadth of what he’s got, he’s inspired to love us better each and every day to continue to change, to provide, to do more, to do less, to embrace genuinely knowing us better, to constantly be leading us through all of the everyday blessings & toil we share. I am so very grateful for who this man is. So if something as simple and small as baking can make him feel just a bit more appreciated, then gladly, I will bake to his heart’s content.


Happy Father’s Day, Babe… and Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s, grandpa’s and pops-to-be out there!

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