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End to a beautiful weekend

I coerced Matt into picking up these lovely Peonies at Pikes Place Market on Friday so I could bring them to my photography workshop & decorate the room. First off, they were supposed to be white. Araiya’s first comment when he brought them home was ‘but mom doesn’t like pink’. Second, I didn’t really care at that point. Third, I left them in the car when unloading on Saturday so they never even made an appearance at the Workshop. Oh well. They look just dandy on my dining room table while I sipped a cold margarita the girls helped me blend up with the late afternoon sunlight filtering in.



This weekend was wonderful. Monday came leaving me inspired, encouraged & just downright giddy. I can’t wait to teach another workshop. Moreso, I can’t wait to see the shots the other ladies took on Saturday. Then on Sunday, I got to photograph the Baptism of a dear friend whom we’ve been praying for & getting to know for the past 3 years. It’s amazing to see the transformation that is only possible through Jesus, then get to see him publicly stand up and identify with the death, burial & resurrection of Christ. That is altogether another post. I’m hoping this week sails by, as next weekend we are heading down to Mt. Hood for a little skiing & camping get-away that’s been a long time coming. The girls can’t wait to ski in shorts. Me either.



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