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Instax in the scorching sun

Seattlites experience extreme mood swings between overly bemoaning our 2 weeks of annual sunshine and then becoming Vampires hissing at the photons the moment those precious rays hit our lilly white skin. Just two months ago activists were petitioning our Mayor for a nude beach. Really? Seattle + nude beach? Imagine that. A bunch of neekid people running around the shoreline while it’s raining. Amusingly, our city seems to be chalk full of pessimistic citizens, who while very intent composting should be required by law, are burdened by the most galling contradictions. How easily we forget that just yesterday we all huddled up, locked away in our houses wearing our wool J. Crew sweaters (that we likely picked up at a thrift store), sipping our green tea and complaining away at how dreary and cold we were as it rained down on us in July. And yet today we are already complaining about how darn HOT it is. And how it’s supposed to hit 90 later this week. And oh my gosh, HOW ARE WE GOING TO SURVIVE?!?!

Don’t get me wrong, I can be just as pessimistic and self deprecating as the next person. But for serious? Summer like just got here. We should be throwing the windows open and shouting Hallelujah! Thus, this sort of Seattle-esque existentialism solely focuses on the part of the philosophy that allows people to feel sorry for themselves in the midst of their malaise. I know, it’s a difficult term to define and an odd movement. The more I think about it, Seattleites, in all our Indy Rocking, coffee drinking, bike riding, recycling, Prius driving, vintage clothes wearing, iPhone carrying ways actually fit this mold pretty well. Odd because most whom the intellectual world categorizes as existentialists are people who deny they are that. Nor are most people on the mark as to what existentialism or pessimism really is. So it goes for this town. Existentialism has called attention to the values of the individual who has sought a solution to the inescapable problems of the person confronted by an abstraction which we then nullify instead of solve. We stand for everything yet do relatively nothing about it (other than complain and criticize).

So to ye I say: Stop it. Enjoy it while we have it. ‘Cuz it’s gonna be gone again and what will you be left with? More complaining. That’s right. We’ll just switch from complaining about how warm & sunny it is to complaining about how cold & rainy it is.

We will stand for summer. We will wear dresses & shorts. We will fill the pool, and play at the park, and drink iced coffee. We will not shrink back or cower away from enjoying the beautiful works of creation & the rays that are brought to shine down on us. And if for some reason I suffer from heat stroke or something, give into my delusions brought on by spiking temperatures and you catch me complaining, I give you permission to slap me (with brotherly affection, of course).


Summer, Day 1
FujiFilm Instax Mini

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