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Madrona Beach

There’s nothing like Summers at the Beach. I will sheepishly admit this trip was our first time down to Madrona Beach this year. Really, we have little impediments- it’s only like a mile and a half away, we live directly between two direct bus lines and there is ample free parking. The past few Summers’ we’ve been here at least once a week, but sadly haven’t been really doing much of anything. I’m finally feeling a bit more in the realm of normal, so in the last week have actually had the motivation to get out to do stuff. Plus it helps when other people plan stuff. For a Summer that has been so fickle when it comes to consistent forecasts, it feels really good to be able to soak in the direct sun, dip toes into the lake and dig in the sand. Our finger’s are crossed the remainder of the season will be filled with more of this:

July_2010-1 July_2010-2
July_2010-4 July_2010-5
July_2010-7 July_2010-8
July_2010-9 July_2010-10
July_2010-13 July_2010-11
July_2010-15 July_2010-16
July_2010-14 July_2010-19

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