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A bucket list

4 more shopping days until my Birthday, people ;-)

Of course it takes staring down the barrel of rounding into my 28th year to get all contemplative. Yes, I am turning 28. In some regards that may seem young. In others, getting older. To me it mostly marks getting closer to the far bigger milestone of 30. Which has got me thinking about what other things mark that milestone in my life, what things I’d like to check off that long, running list in my head of things I’d like to do/accomplish/see/experience. So I actually wrote it out. 30 THINGS TO DO BEFORE I’M 30. I think they are all reasonable and some I’ve already done (marked in italics). I have two years. Ready, set, GO.

1.) Spend more time nurturing & being engaged with the ones I love most.

2.) Spend an entire day in a fancy hotel room. Alone. In silence. With no needy small children.

3.) Plan an amazing 10th anniversary getaway

4.) Ski at least once every month of the calendar year (not necessarily in succession)

5.) Go to NYC

6.) Shoot something (with a gun, not a camera)

7.) Consistently Eat food I grow myself

8.) Get my PSIA Level 3 Certification

9.) Own my own profitable business

10.) Get a tattoo

11.) Cross a glacier on foot

12.) Cut & style my hair into a completely different ‘do to get away from the ponytail I’ve had since I was 13

13.) Show my photography work in a gallery/show

14.) Drive more than 140mph

15.) Get fired from a job

16.) Achieve & maintain a BMI of 21-23

17.) Go sailing

18.) Fly in a pontoon plane

19.) Build a tiny, off-the-grid ski cabin for our family

20.) Travel to Europe

21.) Get my picture taken more

22.) Stop biting my nails

23.) Teach my kids to read

24.) Learn how to parallel park really well so I don’t freak out and say, ‘I’m the worst parallel parker in the world’ before each attempt

25.) Meet my birthmother

26.) Take a ski trip with a bunch of girls who rip

27.) Connect with old friends

28.) Make some new, deep friendships

29.) Host a big, amazingly designed party for my 30th Birthday

30.) Submit more & more to God re-writing my life with new stories marked by humility, grace, service, patience, understanding, virtue, knowledge, self-control, steadfastness, affection, love & worship.

So… what’s on your list?

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