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Behold, the baby squash

I think I’ve finally reassimilated to life at home. It took a few weeks. My Birthday weekend we headed East, for a visit with the Grandparent’s and an ambiguously interesting celebration of my Birthday attending Matt’s 10 year High School reunion. The up side to that is we got a night away sans kids and the girls got to soak in some Grandma & Grandpa time, including a shopping trip for Araiya and playing in the garden. I think this weekend marked the big major shifts we were gearing up for. Returning back to Seattle, Fall is on the verge of making its appearance. After this weekend on the Eastside of mid-80s temperatures, I feel like it’s here. The tree at the end of our street seems to be the forerunner in the city, showing reds and oranges weeks before it seems like it should. Now it’s cold, wet. It helps that Fall tends to be full of good things to savor here in the city. We’re looking forward to Apple picking. Crisp, cool days in jackets and scarves. Pulling out the boots and wool sweaters. Going out to a farm and picking our pumpkins for Halloween. The crunch of leaves as we make our near-daily pilgrimage to a coffee shop, grocery store and/or park. Filling the house full of warm, savory flavors as I begin to bake again. It’s all good. We’ve launched into our homeschool routine, which is working out incredibly well. Next week Araiya starts Ballet classes and the 1st of October she will start her one day a week School away from me. We came back to the past two weeks full of adjustments for the family so it seemed like a good decision to be incredibly homeward until things settle. I woke up last Tuesday thinking about all the things I wanted to get done around here, categorized into lists and tasks. I only got as far as purging mine the girls’ clothes & toys that were too small, too worn out or too bleh. They still sit, bagged and shoved in the corner of the master bedroom. But I realize things aren’t going to settle. Somewhere in the next month we are going to be remodeling both bathrooms, the laundry room, the kitchen and dining room. All at the same time. Somehow I think I need to get things all straightened up and organized right before we rip utter chaos into our living situation. I realize that might be a fruitless pursuit. So instead we have decided to throw that plan out the window, instead going camping this weekend to Lake Chelan, where they get 300 days of sun a year, one last hurrah for Summer and bathing suits and dresses and sunscreen. More sun. More summer. One, last (for reals this time) ode to the Sun.

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