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Last month already seems forever ago. The memories of summer are fading fast, though the backlog of images I have waiting to be blogged will indicate otherwise. Time time of making, producing, processing have become longer with the realities of film. We’ve moved past the seemingly instantaneous shoot-to-blog and within the delay has allowed room for a far more endearing nostalgic amount of reflection. I really love how the medium purposefully slows us down, allowing an intentional choreography to how we not only make images, but create visual memories. Last month I took a trip with a group of girlfriends for a very slow, purposeful weekend getaway to Portland. Powell’s, Breweries, Wandering, Bakeries, Coffee, Wine, Chili Relleno Burrito’s, Window Shopping, Flea Markets, Vintage Stores… the list goes on. I took some time, just me, my camera and a bit of wandering in solace, just to discover what I could find.

endofsummerFILM-71 endofsummerFILM-69
endofsummerFILM-63 endofsummerFILM-64
endofsummerFILM-76 endofsummerFILM-74
endofsummerFILM-61 endofsummerFILM-62
endofsummerFILM-70 endofsummerFILM-68
endofsummerFILM-75 endofsummerFILM-66
endofsummerFILM-60 endofsummerFILM-72

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