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I love film. In case you didn’t already know. I’ve forgotten how much I love Polaroids, as I haven’t shot them in about 5 years. Specifically, peel apart instant film. It’s amazing how this type of film has actually IMPROVED in the past handful of years. One would think otherwise, given the fact ‘Polaroid’ as a brand appeared to have died. It’s funny to me how what was old and archaic swings back around & becomes trendy again. Last week I bought a 45 year old Polaroid camera & several hundred packs of instant Film. I’ve posted several of these on Facebook & Flickr and a few peeps have been asking how I am getting the ’1892 antique photo’ look. In the digital age, there are a lot of people applying Photoshop actions, textures & affects to their images. Well, this is the real thing, baby. Those dust & scratches on there? That’s, well… dust. And scratches. Not the Photoshop filter.


The really cool thing about this particular type of film (Fuji FP-3000B) is that you get both the positive finished print (Right) AND the image on the negative (Left) w/ the paper (this part is meant to be thrown away). However, you can scan it, invert it in Photoshop and you end up with TWO images. There are a few other types of Fuji Instant Film where the negative is opaqued over with a black backing, which can be Bleached off, a project I plan on doing tonight. Then there are Polaroid transfers, where you actually lift the emulsion, image intact, off the film paper & onto a piece of watercolor paper, creating a beautiful, translucent, ethereal image. I’m smitten right now, can you tell?




You can score one of these Polaroid 100-400 series pack-film Land Camera’s cameras on Craigslist or Ebay for $10-$50. You have to be careful that you buy one that is tested & if it takes batteries, that it has already been converted to take AAA batteries (plenty of seller’s on Ebay do this for you, otherwise Google how to modify them). Film goes for about $1 a shot. If you want some more rec’s if you are going to buy one, shoot me an email. It’s SO much fun!


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