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Pumpkin Patch

The seasons are surely turning here, albeit slowly. It’s been sunny for at least part of most days, which is fine with me as putting off the rain, rain, rain will garner no complaints on my end. I love this weather as it allows us to be out and about will little hindrance. This past weekend we made the pilgrimage over the mountains to visit the In-Law’s. My SIL & Nephew, Gideon, had flown up for a visit from California. This was the first time we’ve been able to meet him in person and all 4 Grandkids were together. We were graced with Sun and that Fall nip in the air. Perfect opportunity to head out with the kids to a Farm & Pumpkin Patch. The girls picked out Gideon his own tiny little Pumpkin, which is really a gourd, but it still graces our table as “Baby Gideon’s Baby Punkin’.” A statement followed with a sad sigh and, “I really miss Baby Gideon.” The whole Pumpkin Patch experience has left me wanting to do more Autumn-y things here in Seattle. Which reminds me that Halloween season is officially on. The girls ask daily to be something different. Tinkerbelle. A Donkey. Princesses. Horses. Some of those suggestions I am at a loss with (a Donkey, really?). Honestly, I had assumed we would all just do the Princess thing again. Why make things harder? While I say I actually want to do more Autumn things, that really doesn’t include making any costumes, I just don’t have the bandwidth. I really enjoy it, and in the past have created some pretty cool costumes, but I feel a bit drained with their current state of indecisive demandiness (<— I just made up a word). It was easier when I was the only voice weighing in on the creative process. Envisioning getting about halfway through then having tantrums that they all of a sudden want to be something different sounds like not the best method for helping the girls get costumes for a Holiday we try to keep light and fun. I think it will get exciting again when they are a little older and can actually be more involved with the making process. I look forward to that. It seem silly to get so wrapped up in the dressing up part, my girls play dress up EVERY day, who know’s why they’re getting so wrapped up in this one day. I’d rather focus the ‘Holiday’ stuffs more on activities like this pumpkin patch, ‘cuz they had SO MUCH FUN, no costumes involved, can you tell?








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