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For the past several months Araiya has been taking Ballet classes at our local Community Center. The adorable slippers, tights, tutu, leotard & classes were a Birthday gift from Grandma. This past month, Tallis has joined her. Now that we have hit November, our girls are taking a break until Spring. Much to their dismay, but we know as ski season will be starting up soon we will likely be pushing ourselves too hard. I just can’t fathom at this point in life our evenings to be that scheduled with activities up to the brim, especially with the impending time change. Never the less, they have LOVED Ballet. I think the break will be good for Tallis, allow her to mature a bit before trying again next year. Even though the class is for 3-6 year old’s, she will benefit from being a bit older as she had some rough patches participating at the level of the class. She is by far out of all our girls, the most reserved, shy & often withdraws when overwhelmed. I can understand. At three those raw emotions and responses are just out there, no hiding, no pretending. Of course, she had her big Sis to help her out. Araiya is quite obviously more outgoing and learns well among peers. She couldn’t wait to go each week & do Ballet with her new friends, even bold enough to often volunteered to demonstrate things when the teacher asked. It’s pretty cool to see them learning and growing and being stretched in new ways.

ballerina-3 ballerina-5

ballerina-4 ballerina-1

ballerina-9 ballerina-11

ballerina-16 ballerina-15

ballerina-18 ballerina-19

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