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Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!!!

2010 was indeed a year of extreme highs and lows. Accomplishing goals, marking milestones, coupled with disappointing situations, setbacks and even injury. For me this will be a year of great low & great change. After emerging through a months long, near health-related breakdown (something I never want to experience again), I now feel physically better than I have in years. This year for me is anchored by and segmented into two pieces by that experience. I am looking forward to continuing to improve- to be physically stronger, more active again, more emotionally & mentally healthy. It’s marked also by moving into yet another entirely new season of parenting. This week I will be selling off all our our Fuzzi Bunz diapers as well as the crib. 2011 holds so much more ambitious hope. 2010 was the dip, followed by an upswing which we can only continue to climb.

We are ending the year on an extra note of thanksgiving, celebration & joy that has come out of a bit of suffering. On Thursday of this week, Matt had an accident when his Skillsaw caught on his pant leg, torquing the blade into his thigh. We spend all day at the ER getting him stitched up. In a moment where all fear, anxiety and emotion could have burst forth, there was peace, care & calm. Yes, it was nearly the most serious injury either of us have faced, but through it the evidence of God’s protection, providence & hand in caring for us through his injury has been so much more evident than the what-if’s. Even the Doctors were amazed at Matt’s calm demeanor. One doc is convinced Matt should give up the Architecture/Construction gig & go back to school to become a doctor. Apparently most people with a laceration as bad as his & the circumstances completely freak out, thinking they are going to loose their leg or something. But of all places to sustain an injury like that, the outside of the quad has few major arteries, and while he cut down into the muscle, it didn’t cut all the way through and it didn’t cut into the bone. We are very aware it could have been so much worse. But God has protected us. He placed his people and situations to surround us through this– from Matt’s parents being in town, to the random lady buying something off of us via Craigslist who happened to be at our house at the exact moment Matt cut himself and happened to be an ER nurse, to the responding paramedic being a guy we know from our church, to the other Doctor who attended Matt being a Christian, to our friends who’ve brought meals & visited, to support and well-wishes through Facebook/Twitter… The list goes on. Far too much when added together to be just random coincidence. There was never a moment where I felt I was about to freak out, never that twinge of your heart hitting your stomach. It was so evident God was going to care for us through this.

And in the aftermath, we have had two very slow, enjoyable days. I really can’t remember the last time the only thing we had to do was relax and take it easy. Matt is pretty immobile, and in quite a bit of pain likely through the first week. He’ll be on crutches for near a month and is looking at the next few weeks of seriously having to modify his plans & schedule. But man, so far it has been the best little break we’ve had. I have really just enjoyed the past few days of togetherness, caring for one another & having no pressing distractions pulling us away. Not in a morbid way, because his injury really does suck and I don’t want to downplay it, but the end of this year has been quite delightful.

So welcome, 2011. We’re looking forward to the hope and upswing you will bring.

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