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How to raise a ski instructor

It’s amazing how much the absorb from their experiences and the activities of their parents. This morning I came out of the shower to find the girls waxing their skis in the living room. Granted, they were just rubbing the solid hot wax bar along the bases, which doesn’t quite do the trick, but good enough for playing ‘Ski Instructor’ in the living room. I had to grab my phone & take some video, this is too classic to pass up. Then since I had several really good clips, I decided to take it into iMovie. Yea, this serious took all of 2 minutes. Actually, the movie took way, way longer to export than to put together as I have some video exporting deficiencies. The quality vs. dimensions vs. file size wasn’t working for me (read: I don’t get it), so sorry the video is kinda small. I have half a mind to throw the girls in the car, fill up the gas tank & head up to Central today.


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